Unleash Your Thin Reviews – Does Jonny Bowden’s Program Work?

If you’re like me, then you’ve been through countless diets over the year, unable to shed the weight bringing you down every day. Or, if you do manage to shed it, it comes back within weeks of trying to get on with your life. Unfortunately if you get too discouraged you may give up or never try another diet.

Unleash Your Thin

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When I heard about the Unleash Your Thin diet by Johnny Bowden, I didn’t think much of it. Another diet? Really? I’d done them all. Each one did squat for me. How would a new diet help me at all? Well, I hope that these Unleash Your Thin reviews will help you to see if you’re interested in this diet. Honestly, not all diets will work for everyone. If you’re wanting to get lean, lose weight or whatever, this one is worth a look.

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My Review of Unleash Your Thin

As an Unleash Your Thin reviewer, I’ve decided to be completely honest and will be completely factual about this program designed by Dr. Jonny Bowden.

Dr. Bowden, also known as the Rogue Nutritionist, is a health and weight loss expert with a PhD in nutrition and a Masters in Psychology.  He is called the Rogue Nutritionist because of his radical ideas on what causes people to gain weight and what keeps them from successfully losing weight.  His advanced theories have been proved to work and many have successfully been able to lose and keep their weight off.

For the Unleash Your Thin diet to be reviewed properly, we’ll take a full look at the program.

Dr. Bowden has created a program that is not about counting calories or counting carbohydrates, but is about reprogramming the mind to eat what is good for the body and to eliminate the cravings for foods which are not.

The program also teaches an individual what foods make someone depressed, tired, and ill, and which foods will make someone feel better, fill them with energy and trigger the fat-burning process in the body.

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The Four Parts to the Unleash Your Thin Diet

1. The first part is the Fat Burning Blueprint, a 130 page section that sets out a complete step-by-step process for losing an individual’s unwanted pounds.  It also provides methods for keeping them off including which foods are the best to eat, which ones should be avoided, and which foods trigger the fat-burning switch.

2. The second part is the 77 page Craving Crusher Action Guide that provides all the information needed to overcome an individual’s food addiction and cravings.  There are also quizzes to take before beginning the program and then again after an individual has been on the program for three weeks, and then again after you have been on the program for six weeks.  These quizzes monitor your progress and it is a good idea for an individual to take them so you can see your progress because as you look back later the quizzes can serve as a big motivator.

3. The third part is a 10-Minute Meal Guide which provides a convenient day-by-day planning guide for meals, shopping lists, and recipe guides.  This is handy to take grocery shopping.  This also includes a meal plan which is helpful when someone is just starting out on the program and may not know exactly which foods to eat.  The recipes are very tasty which may help someone from getting bored.  This is a danger when on any diet, so it may be helpful to have a variety of recipes to choose from.

4. One the most helpful of all the parts of the Unleash Your Thin program is the free membership to the private forum where an individual will meet other people following the program.  Research shows that having a support group of people in the same situation where people can get encouragement and support can help individuals successfully complete a diet program.

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How It Works

During the first phase of the program, Dr. Bowden unleashes all of the steps on how to get prepared to start the program.  Individuals learn which foods are good to eat and which foods turn into fat and cause sluggishness.  Some foods are triggers for fat-burning and individuals will learn which these are and then which foods will do the opposite.  You will also learn why tracking what you eat is so important and how it can really help when you want to change your eating and grocery buying habits.   All of these can help set the stage before you start your program.

The second part of the program, you will learn what you need to do to flip on your fat-burning switch.  You can do this by making different food choices and eliminating all foods which are toxic and replacing them with good foods.  The good foods are nutrient rich foods which make them eat less calories.  The program’s recipes kick the body into fat-burning mode, yet allow them to enjoy meals you enjoy.

During the third phase of the program you will begin reintroducing the foods you had eliminated during stage two back into your diet.  The method you will use will be to start with one food at a time and then see how your body reacts.  This way you will see which foods make you sick, which make you tired, and which make you depressed, and so on.  These are the foods which make you fat, so they are the foods which should be eliminated from your diet for good.

By this stage of the program, the person will have already lost weight, but the hard part is yet to come.  Now you will learn how to maintain the weight loss.  During this stage of the program. Dr. Bowden teaches helpful strategies on keeping weight lost in the previous three stages off for good.  You will learn what eating program is the best for you and only you – the eating program that agrees with your body the best.

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Dr. Bowden will also provide tips that can be used when temptation happens as well as strategies that can be used when eating out.  He’ll teach ways to work with Chefs to order so that individuals can stick with their program and still be able to enjoy a dinner out with their friends.

Dr. Jonny Bowden’s Unleash Your Thin program is a revolutionary lifestyle change program that helps individuals achieve the body you want by learning how to eat in the way that is best for them.  Dr. Bowden’s healthy eating strategies will change a person’s life forever making them healthier, happier, and full of energy at the same time it helps them lose the weight you have been fighting all of your life.  His peers may call him the Rogue Nutritionist, but Dr. Jonny Bowden absolutely knows what he is doing and can help people make sure that their skinny person who lies within is unleashed.