Eating Clean Vs. “If It Fits Your Macros”

People trying to lose weight may have come across two popular weight loss methods and they are clean eating and IIFYM or If It Fits Your Macros. In this article, you will find the descriptions of these two and the problems associated with them. You will know more about Eating Clean versus If It Fits(…)

Insoluble and Soluble Fiber Tips by Jonny Bowden

Here’s a video by Dr. Bowden that discusses fiber and it’s importance. During this video Bowden suggests approximately 25+ grams of fiber per day although the average American only gets about 5 grams or so … yikes! As he mentioned, our Paleo ancestors were used to getting around 100 grams of fiber per day! No(…)

4 Of The “Other” Most Popular Diet Plans for Women

Most women want to be healthy and have a trim physique. However, it can be a challenge for some to figure out the best way to reach an ideal weight. There are so many diets out there and friends and family usually offer opinions on which diet will work best. The following are some of(…)

Health Benefits Of Lifting Weights

Whether you are a man or a woman, there are many benefits that can be gained by lifting weights. Many people think that it is only strength that can be gained from lifting weights, but this is mistaken. The process will help with your overall health and help with fat loss also. This article will(…)

Physiological Benefits of Low Carb Diets

The low carb diet is a weight loss regimen that can help you address some of the health related concerns that you may be dealing with right now. Here are some of the most common benefits that the low carbohydrate diet can bring you in the long run. Improved Blood Pressure One of the most(…)

There Is Nothing Wrong With Skipping Breakfast To Lose Weight

Losing weight is a constant battle with food cravings. Eating too much is what leads to weight gain. That is why it is perfectly fine to skip breakfast if you are trying to lose weight. This does not mean that you should avoid eating in the morning altogether, but that skipping out on a big(…)

All Fat Is Not The Enemy When Dieting

When most people hear the word “fat,” they assume that it has a negative connotation. While this is often true, there are times when it means the opposite. We have been taught for years that it is unhealthy to consume foods that contain fat. Not all fat is the same, so this is a very(…)

Good Nutrition is Very Important

Everyone would like to look and feel healthy, but some people do not realize how important it is to eat a healthy diet if they want to avoid disease and have a healthy looking body. Just as with most things that are worthwhile, it does take some effort to maintain a fit and healthy body.(…)

Weight Loss Struggles and How to Overcome Them

Losing weight can be a very time consuming and frustrating process. Often times, people give up before ever making it to their goals. Use these tips to remain positive and push forward. These are a few of the struggles people face on their journey to weight loss. Exercising alone isn’t enough to get the job(…)

How To Prepare Yourself Mentally Before You Diet

Have you ever wondered why so many people go on diets only to find themselves quitting after just a short period of time? It is true that dieting is not easy, but that doesn’t stop us from doing other things that are not easy. It just may be that we are not preparing ourselves mentally(…)