Most women want to be healthy and have a trim physique. However, it can be a challenge for some to figure out the best way to reach an ideal weight. There are so many diets out there and friends and family usually offer opinions on which diet will work best. The following are some of the most popular diet plans (other than Unleash Your Thin) that have been proven to have results. We wanted to keep you informed as possible and to provide other options if you aren’t crazy about Jonny Bowden’s diet. The key is to choose one and stick to it.

Weight Watchers has an excellent reputation for good reason. The company has been around for decades and offers support through local and online resources. Their plan allows participants to eat a variety of foods, including desserts and snacks. Their diet includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean meats. For those with busy lifestyles, Weight Watchers has several meals, side dishes, and desserts available for purchase from the local grocery store.

The Atkins diet is also very popular and is based on the theory that the modern diet includes too many carbohydrates. According to the Atkins research, all of those carbohydrates cause the body to produce too much insulin and disrupt normal metabolic rates. Participants eat meat and meat products along with plenty of vegetables, providing that the vegetables have little or no carbohydrates. That means that carrots and potatoes are consumed infrequently, as are desserts. It does not require counting calories or points, only carbohydrates.

The Caveman Diet, also known as the Paleo Burn Diet, is set in the premise that people need to eat more like prehistoric man. Adherents eat foods that could easily be gathered, hunted or fished. This means that foods resulting from agricultural production should be avoided. Translated, those on the Caveman Diet avoid sugar, salt, potatoes and most beverages other than water. It also eliminates breads and pastas.

The Flexitarian Diet is fairy new but, shows incredible promise. It is based on the fact that vegetarian diets are healthy but, allows some flexibility to still consume meats. The reasons to reduce meat consumption are environmental, financial, and health related. However, many people will still have difficulty eliminating meat entirely from their diet. With the Flexitarian Diet, people eat three meals and two snacks per day. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is encouraged, along with some form of exercise.

The Raw Food Diet can be excellent if you choose your foods with care and make certain to consume adequate calories and variety. Generally, it means eating a large selection of fruits and vegetables that are prepared without heat. Meat and meat products are not included and products such as caffeine and sugar are not allowed. The ADA recommends those on this plan take vitamin supplements to ensure they have all of the nutrients required by the body.

All of these alternative plans are popular and have merit. Continue to research the plans and then choose which one you believe will work best for you and your lifestyle. Get medical clearance first, and then begin working toward your goal of a healthier and happier you.