Video of the Unleash Your Thin Diet Plan PDF

Hello, and welcome to this ‘Unleash Your Thin’ review. Just want to start out by letting you know that I did purchase the program, and so what I’m going to do is just going to show you a quick look inside. I don’t want this to be a long, drawn out video, but it’d be nice to see what you get after you buy something, so that’s the plan for this.

So after you buy ‘Unleash Your Thin’, you are e-mailed a link to this log-in page with a user name and a password. Now, after you log in, you’ll come to this screen, and here you can see you can access your purchase. You have some surprise bonuses and some different pages, but I’ll just show you the main pieces for now.

There is a welcome video from Dr. Jonny. It’s pretty good. It’s really inspiring and kind of gets you in the mindset and gets you motivated to kick some butt.

So anyways, that’s step one is to watch that video, and then you just click on these links to download the PDFs, except for this right here, is some more videos. So here are those videos. I won’t play them all for you. It would be pretty long. You see that one alone is 20 minutes, and a half hour.

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So those are the videos, and I already downloaded these PDFs, and I’ll show you those in a second. But then here what’s pretty cool, is this Join the Community. So after you check out the diet and all that’s involved, you can come over here, and you’ll see that there are forums, so you can get involved and talk to people. You can’t really see, because of the screen recording, but right down here it shows that there are 102 people on right now, and then there’s this general chat, and you can start a new chat. So that’s pretty cool. I haven’t really seen that with a diet program before, but I think that’s a great idea. You can gain inspiration and motivation from fellow dieters.

All right. So here are the three main PDFs. I’m not going to show you the optional ones, because this is just what you get no matter what, and then going through the process, you do have the option of picking up a few other pieces.

So here’s the main Fat Burning Blueprint, and what I’ll do is just show you the table of contents real quick. We have chapter one, ‘What You Can Learn From A 64-Year-Old Drug Addict,’ so Dr. Jonny Bowden is very open about his past, and I think that’s awesome. He’s honest, and it shows. So, yeah, these are the different chapters. ‘The Seven Myths That Keep You Fat.’

‘Flip Your Body Into Fat Burning Mode.’ ‘Four Mistruths That Keep You Sick And Fat.’ Chapter 5, ‘Why Nearly All Diets Fail.’ ‘Why Today’s Food Is More Addicting Than Cocaine.’ ‘Our Toxic Food Environment Keeps Us Sick And Fat.’ ‘How The Program Works.’ ‘Prepare With Good Habits.’ ‘Flip Your Fat Burning Switch.’ ‘Food Reintroduction Test.’ ‘Fine Tune Your Plan For Life.’ And then down here ‘Practical Tips To Deal With The Trickiest Situations’ and ‘What To Do When The Six-Week Program Is Over.’

So that’s that. You can see over here the different pages. As you can tell, this is a lot of content, and it’s really in depth and an awesome program. What I want to show you here, at the end of this, we see scientific references, so this is based on science. It’s not just Dr. Jonny’s ideas or theories, and so you have one, two, three and a third pages of different scientific references.

So that’s the main ‘Fat Burning’ PDF, and then it also comes with ‘Craving Crusher’, which I’ll show you the table of contents. I don’t want this video to be too long. So ‘Plant The Seeds For Success.’ ‘Detect Land Mines And Pinpoint The Buried Treasure.’ ‘Engineering Your Own Plan For Success.’

‘Create Your Baseline Measurements.’ ‘Flip On Your Fat Burning Switch.’

‘The Food Reintroduction Test.’ It’s supposed to be ‘Fine Tune Your Plan For Life.’

What’s cool about all of these, even the ‘Fat Burning Blueprint’, is that you can click on the pages, and it just takes you to the section. So that’s cool. Here’s where you enter in your stats. You have these checklists that help you determine what you need to do.

Okay. And here’s the last one we’ll show you, the ‘Unleash Your Thin Ten Minute Meal Guides’. So this is pretty handy. As you can see over here, there are one, two, three and a third pages of recipes. Well, actually I guess not quite that many, because we have shopping lists and meal plans, but some good ones in here for sure. A bunch of breakfast recipes, some lunch recipes, some dinner and snack recipes.

So that’s it. That’s the ‘Unleash Your Thin’ review. Check out the link below for more information, and I hope this was helpful. Have a good one.

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